Pay the Two Dollars

My father used this phrase as I was growing up. I guess this is my fascination with $2 bills. I have enough in my wallet right now to give someone five twos when they ask for change for a ten. Of course, this may change by the time you see me, as it’s the only money I have right now.This one's probably worth more than two dollars....

Which brings me to my plea for money, as this season’s 168s had audio problems, and I needed to resubmit with the audio corrected. As there are 21 of you as of this writing, If you each take my dad’s advice, I’ll have enough to cover the rest of the resubmit fee, as I was able to come up with most of it out of pocket. God has provided, and will continue to do so. Thanks!

What this means is, that this season was the proverbial two steps back after taking the one step forward last season, when I made the ‘Best of 168′ DVD with Blue Blazes, as most of you know. Some would say it was a mistake to make two 168s, and I would disagree, as I believe God put it on my heart to do it last season, so much so, that I stood up in front of God and everybody as I’ve shared before.

God gives you the 168 experience that you’re suppose to have every time. This doesn’t change. The founder asks the question or some variation, “Did God show up on the set?” in the post interview I did at turn in with my Co-Star/stunt coordinator, and Co-Producer of the music video, Sue Silvestri. I’ve come up with what I think is the definitive answer, “He’s everywhere, and He never changes, therefore, it comes downto, did I rely on God when my own devices came up short? I have to say, this season, I did that on several occasions.” And then I chose to enumerate a few for the interview, so if that gets posted elsewhere, you’ll hear that. And your experience when creating a 168 will necessarily be different than mine.

I attended a lecture recently wherein they talked about creating a weekly live show on tv every Saturday morning. For five years.  After performing the live broadcast, they’d sit down, and plan next week’s show.  Wash, rinse, repeat. This may not sound like breaking ground to those that are in the daily entertainment business, however, if it was easy, anybody could do it.  This is a literal 168 Project before it became cool, as this took place in the early 60’s.

So, maybe the next level for me, is to do this on a monthly basis, and for that, I need your help as well. I won’t ask for money again, as I’ve already done that, and by now, you should know where the donation button is, right? What I will ask for is your support in the coming months, as I’m sure I’ll need it.

That’s my story. Hope You Enjoyed It™

  • Dennis Carpenter

    I can relate. I often make comments in a way that remind me of my father.

  • Denise Sonnenberg

    My husband has a stack of $2 bills that he has saved in a drawer. I wonder how many of them have been taken out of circulation by those people our fathers raised.

    • Matches Malone

      Well, if he’s willing to part with a few, then I can make change for a $20 ;)

  • Chris Lewis

    I’m guilty of hoarding the $2 bill when I come across one.  But my biggest facination for some reason is collecting Bi-Centennial Quarters.  Actually I blame my parents….lol.

  • Debra Eckerling

    I only have change for a $4 … LOL Best of luck with your project, Mike!